Communications Group

We define communication:

Your organisation is a group of people with ambitions, victories, failures, feelings: with human texture. When you add that texture to your story, it becomes human and people can relate to who you are and what you do.

What We Do

We Craft Your Message

Think about who you are and what you do. About when and how your message is most effective. The narratives that we craft are what sells you, they directly translate into results.

We Design Your Identity

A picture is worth a thousand words. We find the right thousand words, making sure that what your organisation looks like reflects your identity.

We Move Your Forward

Web technologies can give your organisation a definitive competitive advantage. We can help you be the first mover in your branche.

Why Cubans?

Cuba is ranked 'not free' by freedom house, a watchdog that monitors freedom worldwide. We do not endorse its political system, quite the opposite. But we do love the Cubans, their artistry of life, their ability to create such beauty with limited material and political means.

And so Cubans communicate differently from how "we in the west" are used to. Learning from how various cultures communicate allows us to deepen what communication is all about. It teaches us how to reach an audience in new, fresh, human ways. Cubans make us think different, and that difference is what we provide our clients.


Van Pallandtstraat 25
6814 GM Arnhem,
The Netherlands, Europe.

Tel. +31-6-38920232 (06-38920232)